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Please let Wes know that we received our hubcaps and I am beyond thrilled. He is soooo talented. I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future!!!! My house is full of unique one of a kind things --- I'm not one of those people who buys something just because it will match or fit where I want to put it. Of all the unique things in my house that I love, the hubcaps just took over as my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again :) Mindy

Hey there
The hub caps are great thanks!!! Keep me updates On what he makes and I'm sure I'll order more!
Thanks, Warrick

Looks good on my spare in trunk.
Pops right out at ya when you pump gas.
(ebay member rating)

Hey man just wanted to say thanks for getten my shirt done on such short notice, and it looks awesome i got a alot of comments on it sat. night.
Thanks again I'll be seeing ya soon